By Sarah Swain

Kiss and run? Why would a guy like me well enough to kiss me, then run? Dating coach Susan Winter explains what’s behind kiss and run. Here’s the story:

I met a guy at an event recently, and he asked for my number. It was so refreshing to meet somebody in real life in 2018. Anyway, not long after we met, he messaged to ask me out and we went for drinks. We had a great time and he was really interesting, and I thought it went well. We even shared a cheeky pash at the end!

So, naturally I was expecting to hear from him… but he appears to have disappeared.

Why would he like me enough to kiss me but then not get in touch again? I’m so disappointed!

Oh, I get your disappointment. This guy clearly liked you enough to ask for your number in person, rather than hiding behind an app. AND he followed through and took you out, which I believe usually shows he’s keen on dating and not just messing around.

I get why you’re confused – this happened to me not so long ago too..

So, I actually sent him a text one of my dating coach friends Susan Winter advised for when you fear you’ve been ghosted but kind of want to confirm it.

She suggests writing something along the lines of, “It was great to meet you and it was so fun to discover xxx restaurant with you, but I’m guessing things aren’t going any further. Please say hello if you see me around.”


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