By Alice Bardos

Often times, New Yorkers find themselves in a romance rut, despite being on the right track career-wise and financially. It’s kind of the thing we like to think about the least because it can seem more volatile than the stock exchange. To help get the ball rolling, Ohlala has compiled a list of our favorite New York romance gurus that are just a click away from helping you get over your confidence, conversation – or what have you issues. A perfect use of your 21 minutes of waiting for your ideal date on demand.

Professional Love and Life Mentor: Susan Winter

‘clients will tell me ‘I can’t believe how long I tried to fit a square peg in a round hole. I can’t believe the relationships I went through, the tears I went through, the drama.’ Why would dating involve that? Because you will never know easy until you know hard’ – Susan Winter

Susan, offers an informed, non-judgemental perspective, inclusive of a critical distance. When you’re full up of the eccentric gabbing over the unresolved issues of some New York millennial, in sweeps Susan with her soothing and direct insights. She focuses in on the core issues of dating culture including fake fighting, dating an older individual and how to communicate with women. From her tone in her videos, consultation and publication you can that Susan is the romance connoisseur that you want to be and be with. If you don’t believe me – just check out her almost 9000 follower base on twitter! If your thinking about getting serious about your Ohlala romance, Susan is the guru for you!

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