Text messages have been the most convenient way to share feelings and provides a room for a recheck. It is always fun and exciting. Texting can take the whole day and most time of the night.

However, there are signs you are likely to encounter to from someone who is not interested in your chat;

Delayed replies

When a person is interested in you or on what you are telling them, the response would be quick.

“When a person isn’t into you, they don’t get back to you right away,” states NYC relationship expert Susan Winter.

Short replies

According to online dating expert Julie Spira, the length of a text messages shows interest.

“When someone isn’t that into you, their responses to your text messages will be short, as in one to three words,” Spira tells Elite Daily. She adds that if the reply is one to two words without an emoji or GIF then there is no interest at all.

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