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Video interview with Susan Winter, bestselling author & relationship expert | Oliver JR Cooper

In this video interview, author and thought leader Oliver JR Cooper and I discuss how to get to love (yes! in today’s dating world), handle a bad breakup, and my advice to women who may be interesting in dating a younger man.

In this interview, Oliver ask me following questions:

1. What advice you would give to someone who is single but is looking to have a meaningful relationship?

2. What can someone do if they continually end up with people who are emotionally unavailable?

3. What […]

Relationships, Fate v Determinism, & Bread Crumbing! 1% Better with Rob O’Donohue and Susan Winter

The 1% Better Podcast with Rob O’ Donohue interviews Susan Winter on online dating, catfishing, breadcrumbing and ghosting. Susan and Rob discuss the current state of relationships and how to navigate (and conquer) these modern day challenges.

The 1% Better Podcast is focused on advocating a Growth Mindset & Betterness in, at least, 1% Increments. Rob uses every resource available: podcasts, videos, and written material.

His site is filled with dynamic content. Check out: 

Rob says, “If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted […]

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What To Do About Mixed Signals While Dating | CBS TV interview

By Elle McLogan

Tired of the constant mixed messages while dating? Relationship expert Susan Winter tells Elle McLogan the solution on ‘The Dig’ for CBS TV.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – In this bonus edition of The Dig, Elle McLogan follows up with relationship expert Susan Winter on her most frequently asked question about dating:

What’s with all these mixed signals?


When it comes to pursuing a romantic interest, “people do not know how to decode the mixed […]

CBS TV New York: Finding Love During Cuffing Season | interview

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) By Elle McLogan

Elle McLogan of CBS TV New York interviews relationship expert Susan Winter on finding love during Cuffing Season on The Dig.

As temperatures cool, some are kissing their summer flings goodbye in search of deeper commitment.

October marks the start of “cuffing season,” a time of year when singles purportedly look to “cuff” or attach to a romantic partner. The term was popularized on Twitter in the early 2010s and cemented into lexicon through rap music, including Fabolous’s 2013 track “Cuffin […]

CW33 TV: Women with hot husbands driven to be thin | interview

CW33 TV: Women with hot husbands driven to be thin…

CW33 TV ‘Eye Opener’ (Tribune Broadcasting) interviews Susan Winter on research showing women with hot husbands are driven to be thin.  Recent studies indicate a trend toward crash dieting and lowered self esteem.

Susan speaks with Laila Muhammad  about the pros and cons of the Florida State University Research that’s been widely covered in the press. This study shows that women with ‘hot husbands’ (men they feel are attractive , and more attractive than they are), are more motivated […]

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