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How has lockdown affected couples separated COVID-19? |TalkRADIO London interview

How has lockdown affected couples separated by COVID-19? My radio interview with talkRadio London discusses Denmark opening its borders to partners separated during the quarantine.

Many couples were caught short by the lockdown and have been separated for months. How does one cope? How can the relationship survive and flourish with both distance and isolation? I share my thoughts with Darryl Morris as we discuss strategy to stay connected and keep the love growing.

There’s a new station in town that is guaranteed to get you talking! […]

Can you find love during the coronavirus? | InStyle interview excerpt

CREDITS AND ATTRIBUTIONS: Videographer- Luiz Schiel  Journalist: Allison Taylor

Love in the time of coronavirus? We can’t meet in IRL to go on a date or chat over a drink. Worse yet, many of us haven’t been out of our pajamas for weeks and the solitude is taking its toll on our dating mojo. How do we best address our loneliness? The following in an excerpt from my interview with InStyle magazine. Here’s a video clip by director/videographer Luiz Schiel:


Journalist Allison Taylor asked me the reasons behind […]

Coronavirus: Overcoming Loneliness | YouTube Live

The coronavirus and overcoming loneliness— Mandatory sequestering has left many individuals feeling isolated and alone.  If you’re feeling disconnected and overwhelmed, here are my best practices for overcoming loneliness while staying grounded and positive. #coronavirus #sequestered #loneliness #quarantine

Here’s some great tips for how you can recover your inner peace, feel connected, and restore your sense of hope.

Join me each Thursday at 11am PDT for my YouTube LIVE conversations! Current topics are all on Bad Behavior — aka the dating games we see and hate.

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In COVID-19, Relationships are Everything | Medium interview by Dr. Danny de Gracia II

By Danny de Gracia II

In COVID-19, relationships are everything. But how has COVID-19 changed our approach to dating and relationships, both present and future? Political scientist, policymaker and journalist  Dr. Danny de Gracia II features my answers in this interview for Medium.

Danny begins,

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Coronavirus—Rise of the ‘Exes?’ | YouTube LIVE

The coronavirus (COVID-19) and the rise of the exes is a real thing. This pandemic has us sequestered and isolated, with ample time to think. Has an ex contacted you out of the blue? Have you been tempted to contact your ex? If so, join me for this live discussion to figure out if it’s the real deal, or a temporary curiosity.


Have you had an ex reach out to you? You know, the one you NEVER thought you’d hear from again?  Or, have you […]

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