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Quarantined Couples: Tips for harmony and happiness | YouTube Live

Quarantined couples are striving to keep their cool and find a sense of happiness and harmony during the lockdown.  Are you feeling anxious, irritable and impatient? Overly sensitive and reactive? Even the most loving couples are having a difficult time being cooped up with each other. Being quarantined with your partner can accelerate your reactivity levels. Here’s how to best deal with the lack of privacy, personal space, uncertainty, and relationship needs.


Personal Coaching:

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Long-distance couples are used to being apart — but not like this | Washington Post feature

Long-distance relationships already face chronic separation. How can these couples manage the additional separation of the coronavirus lockdown? My interview with Sylvie Bigar at the Washington Post offers some guidelines:

Some traveled for work, some traveled for fun, but some of us also traveled for love. Until last month, couples managed their long-distance relationships — be it across the ocean […]

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We’re coming to Chicago! Join me Sept. 21 & 22nd

Hi ALL! I’ve read your requests and listened to the words of my wonderful followers and fans. So, I’ll be in Chicago to meet you personally on Saturday September 21 and Sunday September 22nd.

This is my chance to have an informal meet and greet, plus presentation and ‘fireside chat.’ I’m able to answer all your questions on love and romance, and spend a lovely afternoon in deluxe settings.

My event is FREE!

To get your invitation, DM us on my Instagram account:

Include your name and […]

How to Spot Financial Infidelity | US News & World Report interview

By Andrea Woroch

How do you spot financial infidelity? US News and World Report asked relationship expert Susan Winter for the telltale signs to look for in your mate’s behavior.

Honesty is essential to a healthy and long-lasting relationship, and any breach of trust could rip two people apart. While most people think of betrayal as being emotional or physical in nature, financial infidelity can be equally crippling and is more common than many realize.

In fact, according to a survey by the National Endowment for Financial Education, […]

Psychology expert thinks we’re expecting too much from our romantic partners | CW33 TV/Morning Dose interview

The Morning Dose with anchors Laila Muhammad and Melissa Rycroft

Morning Dose/CW33 TV asks relationship expert Susan Winter if we’re expecting too much from our romantic partner.

Are we expecting too much from our romantic partners? At least one psychology expert says we might be.

A psychology professor from University of Chicago says in past centuries the primary function of marriage was for food, shelter, and protection from violence. It later evolved around love and companionship, which is what we would like to think about marriage today.

But according […]

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