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Dating Specialist Susan Winter Shares Her Expertise on Situationships | Voir UK feature

Words by Precious Njoki/Cover by Katie Janes

How can you date (smartly) and avoid the ‘situationship’ trap? My profile feature with Voir Fashion Magazine from the UK  shows you how to secure a relationship, instead. #situationship

Covid-19 has introduced an interesting dynamic to love and relationships. The lockdown effect of the virus in several regions has led to many people redefining their search for love and relationship. Gone Is the time […]

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Can you find love during the coronavirus? | InStyle interview excerpt

CREDITS AND ATTRIBUTIONS: Videographer- Luiz Schiel  Journalist: Allison Taylor

Love in the time of coronavirus? We can’t meet in IRL to go on a date or chat over a drink. Worse yet, many of us haven’t been out of our pajamas for weeks and the solitude is taking its toll on our dating mojo. How do we best address our loneliness? The following in an excerpt from my interview with InStyle magazine. Here’s a video clip by director/videographer Luiz Schiel:


Journalist Allison Taylor asked me the reasons behind […]

Dating during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) | YouTubeLive video

Are you worried how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect your dating momentum? Here are four things you can do to see forward movement in your romantic life.


I know that this is a time of uncertainty. Though there are many larger issues looming in our world, those of you who’ve been seeking love are finding these very difficult times indeed. You may have put a lot of effort into creating a sense of connection in your dating life, only to feel that […]

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How the age gap became a thing of the past | British GQ interview


Men have long been entitled to date and mate younger women. Now, the stigma of older women with much younger partners has (finally) become a thing of the past. My interview with British GQ explains the age gap journey toward age equality, in love and romance:

Relationship expert Susan Winter says, “Socially speaking in the Western world, women have been granted liberty to unite […]

Relationships in an Evolved World with Susan Winter | Podcast feature with Justin Schenck

In this feature podcast with Justin Schenck of Growth Now Movement, Susan discusses what relationships look like today and how they’re ever evolving.  She shares how to live with intention and masterful approaches for handling infidelity.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Relationships in todays world
  • How living with intention is all that matters
  • Susan’s take on how to handle infidelity
  • Why others opinions shouldn’t but do matter and how to handle them


Justin Schenck

Justin Schenck is on a mission to teach the world that it isn’t […]

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