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Experts debate if a summer fling can turn into a real relationship — but please don’t get good sex confused with love; New York Daily News


Summer loving had you a blast?

Some say relationships are a winter sport, and while there’s still a ways to go until we’re sipping on hot apple cider in sub-zero temperatures — fall is just a week away.

Many romantics are wondering if an off-again, on-again summer fling has what it takes to last.

“Summer flings can indeed be something more,” says bestselling author and love expert Susan Winter. The reason they were on and off in the summer was because they were […]

Tinder partners with Spotify allowing users to add songs to profile, fend off Beliebers; New York Daily News

By Molly Crane-Newman

Tinder has introduced a new feature which makes it possible to guarantee you don’t end up dating a closet Belieber.

The newest addition to the online dating app was created in partnership with Spotify and lets users pin a personal “anthem” to their profile, which swipers can use to better understand the person they’re sizing up for a date.

“Music is a big aspect of how people meet,” Tinder CEO Sean Rad told Business Insider, adding that the company has been interested in integrating the […]

Summer breakups like Taylor Swift’s are a luxury not everyone can afford; interview with New York Daily News

By Peter Sblendorio

Forget summer loving — breakup season is hotter than ever.

The highly anticipated time of year reserved for care-free vacations and fun in the sun has turned into a last resort for some A-list couples like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris and Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama, who recently checked into Splitsville.

And there’s a good reason why so many relationships are cooling off right as the weather heats up.

“There’s an old-school thinking that summertime is play time,” relationship expert Susan Winter tells […]

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