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Have ‘sexual interludes’ obscured the path to love? | Big Think feature


Getting to love is “daunting” for millennials, says dating coach Susan Winter.

  • The majority of millennials are still unmarried by age 32.
  • Susan Winter, a relationship expert based in New York City, says the culture of modern dating has had an impact.
  • Among her tips for finding love? Act in accordance with what you said you want.

We live in a world filled with ghosts. Perhaps you, reader, are among them. Indeed, for many on the hunt for love nowadays, dating […]

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Does going “open” strengthen or compromise a relationship? | Big Think feature


From the glimmering blocks around Times Square to the sunbaked streets of the Hollywood Hills, open relationships seem to be everywhere nowadays, especially among Millennials. Indeed, a 2016 poll by suggested that nearly a fifth of Americans under the age of 30 have had some kind of sexual activity with someone else while their partner knew about it.

However, does opening up a relationship to new playmates strengthen the bond between a committed pair, or, does doing so […]

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