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Should You Bring Your Partner Home For The Holidays, Or Not? Interview with Nylon Magazine

by Hayden Manders

’Tis the season for evaluating. Cuffing season is approaching. It’s that special time of year when temperatures dip low and folks are looking to get coupled-up not that slow. It’s when our desire for romance and need for warmth come together in a peculiar marriage, where single folks who normally relish their singledom feel that unnecessary but all too familiar societal peer pressure to find a lover and those in relationships begin to reflect on where they are.

Or, as bestselling author and relationship expert […]

5 Tips for a Great Valentine’s Day (Whether Single or Partnered) | Huffington Post article

Valentine’s day can be a real head-trip for many of us. Single’s can feel the pressure of not having a partner with whom to share this day of love. Those in a relationship can feel the pressure of social expectation, wondering if their partner’s going to let them down. Both positions can be emotionally perilous.

Here are five tips to combat any negative messages you may receive this season:

1. Keep Valentine’s Day in perspective:

It’s 1 day out of 365 days. No single day bears testimony to […]

4 Steps to Spark Your Partner’s Affection This Thanksgiving| Huffington Post article

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to accelerate your partner’s affection and passion. It’s the holiday that reminds us to be thankful for all that we have, and to show appreciation for our bounty.

Applying this concept directly to our romantic lives creates a dramatic impact on our partner’s love for us. The power of appreciation isn’t just a ‘nicety’ that we should do. It’s the key to creating love.

Appreciation is the magical ingredient proven to augment love’s growth and guarantee its continuance.

I first became aware of […]

Why Valentine’s Day Makes Us Crazy | Huffington Post article

Be honest ladies. We’ve all had times when Valentine’s Day made us a little crazy. It’s the one-day each year that has the ability to destabilize even the most grounded female among us. Whether it’s a fleeting minute of sadness or an entire week of the blues, Valentine’s Day carries a huge message for women. It’s become a signifier of love’s validity.

How could it not? We live in a culture of commercialized consumerism. Imbedded within the ads for cards, jewelry and romantic dinners are the […]

From ‘Lonely’ to ‘With Yourself’ This Holiday | Huffington Post article

The holidays can create difficult emotional states for many people. The hype and expectations surrounding this time period are intense. Commercials and movies emphasize happy, loving families enjoying their time together and couples in cozy, warm images of endless love.

But what about those people whose lives don’t match these images? What about the widowed, single and those separated from loved ones due to circumstance or distance? They’re often made to feel badly about their state of “aloneness” at this time of year.

There’s a big difference […]

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