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7 traits most cheaters have in common | Insider interview

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Relationship Experts Offer Advice On How To Recover After Your Partner Cheats | APlus interview


When it comes to relationships, most will agree there’s no greater breach of trust than infidelity. Cheating can shatter lives and end relationships. But, for the victims, relationship experts say there are options. There are ways to bounce back – even when all hope seems lost.

First and foremost, after discovering your partner has cheated, you must take time to honor and acknowledge your emotions.

Dr. Gary Brown, a prominent relationship therapist in Los Angeles, advises […]

10 things that may influence your partner to cheat on you — or vice versa | Insider interview

By Sara Hendricks

What things influence your partner to cheat? Feeling a lack of admiration in a relationship can sometimes lead to cheating.  According to relationship expert Susan Winter, one of the most common — and, in many cases, unexpected — things that lead a person to cheat is feeling a lack of appreciation and admiration in a relationship.

It is pretty difficult to determine if a partner is going to cheat on you before it actually happens.

Sure, there may be a few […]

Micro-Cheating: The small actions that some say is as bad as full betrayal | The Independent interview

By Chelsea Ritschell/New York bureau

Is micro-cheating, cheating? We asked relationship expert Susan Winter if she agrees with these claims. Winter told The Independent: “Although micro-cheating may not be physical cheating, it’s certainly testing the borders of emotional cheating.”

Have you ever had a flirtatious exchange with a co-worker or classmate, but decided to keep the conversation a secret from your significant other?

Or perhaps you used the fire emoji with someone other than your significant other’s Instagram post – simply because you thought they looked good.

Well, according to […]

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