If you are worried that your relationship has reached the point of no return, rife with conflicts, marriage counseling can help you rebuild a happy marriage. However, a conflict-ridden marriage means you and your spouse are not in the best shape to premeditate and come up with the right questions to ask in a marriage counseling session.

Since a gamut of emotions run high in a strained relationship, you might just forget what to ask, and end up with a brain freeze in a marriage counseling session.

The most important step toward making the most out of a marriage counseling session is to be prepared beforehand. And that’s why we have prepared an expert roundup on the most crucial marriage counseling questions to ask your spouse.

Experts themselves reveal the right marriage counseling questions to ask your spouse and how these can help you air your concerns and find solutions to your marital problems.

SUSAN WINTER, Relationship Coach

What are you afraid to tell me?

What financial, sexual or behavioral information are you afraid to share with me because you fear my reaction?

Is there something you hide from me, assuming I’ll judge you or want to leave you?

Relationships require a safe place for ‘truth telling.’

Emotional barriers are erected when we can’t be ourselves and fear our spouse knowing who and what we are.


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