• how to get back with your ex

How To Get Back With Your Ex | Huffington Post Article

You want to reconnect NOW. You fear if too much time lapses your ex will move on to someone new. Like a lost child you wait in place... hoping they’ll return. The automatic response to [...]

  • Dating in the Time of Bad Advice

Dating in the Time of Bad Advice | Huffington Post Article

Dating can feel like running a marathon in high-heels and push-up bra... with a bad hangover. The “no rules” free-for-all system we have today puts men in a vaulted seat of primacy. Men have become [...]

  • Dating ‘Repeats’

Dating ‘Repeats’ (Same Person, Different Package)| Huffington Post Article

You’ve just come back from a date feeling as though you’re in a time warp. Does it all seem a little too familiar? You may be dating ‘repeats.’ It could be the tense guy who’s [...]

  • The Breakup Wisdom I Learned from my Dog

The Breakup Wisdom I Learned from my Dog| Huffington Post article

Dogs have mastered the art of unconditional love. Forgiveness, curiosity, and playfulness are just a few of the life lessons we can learn from our beloved pets. They can also be wise teachers when it [...]

  • How to Translate Your Lover’s Silence

How to Translate Your Lover’s Silence | Huffington Post article

Are you getting mixed messages from your partner? How do you know what they’re feeling... if they can’t (or won’t) tell you? Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re continually receiving the underlying meaning [...]

  • Why a Little Insecurity Is Good for You

Why a Little Insecurity Is Good for You | Huffington Post article

Why do we feel insecure about our insecurities? Why do we view insecurity as being a bad thing, when it’s something we all experience at certain times in our life? I’ve often wondered about the [...]

  • Tips for a Great Valentine’s Day

5 Tips for a Great Valentine’s Day (Whether Single or Partnered) | Huffington Post article

Valentine’s day can be a real head-trip for many of us. Single’s can feel the pressure of not having a partner with whom to share this day of love. Those in a relationship can feel [...]

  • Most Overlooked Quality Needed for Relationship Success

The Most Overlooked Quality Needed for Relationship Success| Huffington Post article

How do we know if the person we’re dating is the right choice for our long-term happiness? What steps can we take when the partnership we have is becoming less rewarding? Picking the right partner [...]

  • Steps to Spark Your Partner’s Affection

4 Steps to Spark Your Partner’s Affection This Thanksgiving| Huffington Post article

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to accelerate your partner’s affection and passion. It’s the holiday that reminds us to be thankful for all that we have, and to show appreciation for our bounty. Applying this [...]

  • Why Dating ‘Wrong’ Is Right

Why Dating ‘Wrong’ Is Right| Huffington Post article

Modern dating has proven to be confusing to everyone. Rules that guided our behavior no longer apply. All the factors surrounding how we meet, date and mate have changed. In a time of no rules, [...]

  • Tips to Tell if Your Partner’s Lying to You

5 Tips to Tell if Your Partner’s Lying to You | Huffington Post article

All humans have innate intuition. Yet no one’s cornered the market on this gift better than women. We may not know why we don’t believe what our partner’s telling us, but something about what he’s [...]

  • Dating: A Numbers Game You CAN Win

Dating: A Numbers Game You CAN Win | Huffington Post article

You know you want to meet someone special. But thinking about the effort required for hitting the dating scene leaves you exhausted before beginning the journey. Isn’t there an easier way to find love? And, [...]

  • band-aid relationship

7 Signs You’re in a Band Aid Relationship| Huffington Post article

Are you in a lukewarm relationship? One that’s neither great, nor bad? It’s not too hot to burn you, but not too cold to cause discomfort. One where you know your partner isn’t your ideal [...]

  • stay or leave

To Stay, or Leave?| Huffington Post article

What do you do when your relationship isn’t working? Whether you’ve been married for 15 years or dating for eight months, the decision whether to stay or leave is never easy. How long do you [...]

  • Dating Success

5 Principles for Dating Success| Huffington Post article

Dating is a venue for creating a rewarding connection with another person. We want to believe all of this just happens naturally. Sometimes it does. However, the ease we assume should be automatic is actually [...]

  • Dating game of hot and cold

The Dating Game of Hot and Cold| Huffington Post article

Is your partner playing hot and cold? One minute you’re high on the warmth of their attention, the next minute you’re frozen out and left wondering what happened. You begin to question your actions. Did [...]

  • Steps for Getting the Love You Want

3 Simple Steps for Getting the Love You Want| Huffington Post article

Spring has finally arrived. Inspired by the beauty of nature’s rebirth, many singles are enlivened with thoughts of romance. As our hopes and dreams of meeting someone special are awakened, so are our concerns for [...]

  • Stuck in His ‘Stable’?

Are You Stuck in His ‘Stable’? | Huffington Post article

Most women prefer to be in some form of “relationship.” No matter how modern those parameters may be, there’s comfort in knowing where we stand with a man. While it’s often the case that both [...]

  • Steps to Moving Beyond the Friend Zone

10 Steps to Moving Beyond the Friend Zone

Are you stuck in the friend zone? It’s a rotten position to hold when you’d prefer to be the “lover.” The fear of staying trapped in a minimal position is equal to the fear of [...]

  • Questioning ‘Till Death Do Us Part?’

Are You Questioning ‘Till Death Do Us Part?’ | Huffington Post article

Why do we cling so desperately to a relationship that’s died? Because we’ve been told it’s the right choice to make. Leaving a dead relationship takes courage. Staying in a dead relationship takes self-sacrifice. We [...]

  • Why Valentine’s Day Makes Us Crazy

Why Valentine’s Day Makes Us Crazy | Huffington Post article

Be honest ladies. We’ve all had times when Valentine’s Day made us a little crazy. It’s the one-day each year that has the ability to destabilize even the most grounded female among us. Whether it’s [...]

  • Is the First Cut Really the Deepest?

Is the First Cut Really the Deepest? | Huffington Post article

First love is beautiful in its vulnerability. Our innocence allows us to feel without the hesitation of fear. With no cautionary memories to bind us, we advance toward all that is new and unlimited. We [...]

  • Simple Steps to Attract Love

3 Simple Steps to Attract Love in 2015 | Huffington Post article

Attracting love is far easier than we’re led to believe. One way to jump-start the process of attracting love is to be aware of what lies in our here and now, while being in tune [...]

  • ‘Lonely’ to ‘With Yourself’

From ‘Lonely’ to ‘With Yourself’ This Holiday | Huffington Post article

The holidays can create difficult emotional states for many people. The hype and expectations surrounding this time period are intense. Commercials and movies emphasize happy, loving families enjoying their time together and couples in cozy, [...]

  • Why Are You Still Single?

Why Are You Still Single?

have a dear friend in her early 40s. She’s got it all, a great personality and a great life. As a dedicated triathlete she’s physically fit and attractive. Well dressed, well bred, and owns her [...]

  • Back-Peddling Man

Putting the Breaks on a Back-Peddling Man | Huffington Post article

There’s a point in every dating scenario when we know it’s over. Either they aren’t moving toward partnership, or we recognize they’re not the one for us. It doesn’t have to be tragic or sad. [...]

  • King Within the Queen

The King Within the Queen | Huffington Post article

The rigors of modern dating can leave many young women wondering about their chances for future happiness in love. Men seem to have endless options for romance, creating little reason to partner in earnest. How [...]

  • I'm a lazy lover

Confessions of a Lazy Lover

I must make this admission: I’m lazy lover. I apply no energy whatsoever to creating a love life. Why any man would seek my company at this juncture in my life is a complete mystery [...]

  • The more we chase men, the more they learn to be chased.

So, I’m Supposed to Chase You?

The birth of the 21st Century didn’t cause our computers to crash. Something more insidious happened. The rules of courtship changed. Fourteen years after the new millennium, it’s clear that women are now the ones [...]

  • Tips For Dating Younger Men

5 Tips For Dating Younger Men | Huffington Post article

If you’re thinking about dating a younger man, congratulations. Women’s choices have been limited for far too many centuries. With younger men added to the romantic game board, every woman increases her opportunity for love [...]

  • the price we pay for admission to this new game of potential partnership is steep.

Is the Price of Admission to the Game of Love Too High?

This is the best of all times to be a man. Sex isn’t the promise of a future partnership. It’s a prize that’s given freely at the beginning of a “who-knows-what” type of interaction with [...]

  • The fear of being alone is terrifying for most people I know.

The Irrational Fear of Being Alone

The fear of being alone is terrifying for most people I know.  We've been led to believe that having someone is better than having no one. This message runs deep in our social fabric and [...]

  • I hate dating

9 Months. 98 Men. Here’s What I’ve Learned| Huffington Post article

I hate dating. There. I’ve said it. Let’s be clear about the mechanics of this concept. Dating is only a flirtatious first sniff of what may later be mounted. No more, no less. And like [...]

  • Why Smart Professionals Are Stupid Daters

Why Smart Professionals Are Stupid Daters | Huffington Post article

A successful venture capitalist can distinguish between a company of true merit and one of false flash, yet fail to see the same in the woman he’s dating. An accomplished businesswoman can walk into a [...]

  • Unbroken Heart

The Unbroken Heart | Huffington Post article

Rare, but it does exist. I know a woman who has never had her heart broken. Something inside her insists upon her leaving the man she is with before any emotional damage can occur. I [...]

  • A woman's worth

A Woman’s Worth

By Susan Winter We run companies. We run countries. Regardless of advanced college degrees and net worth… at the end of the day a woman’s worth is still judged by youth and beauty. Is it fair? [...]

  • Which type of breakup are you experiencing

The Two Meanings of a Breakup

Breakup can have two distinctly different meanings. They can be exactly what they are, and they can also be the opposite of what they seem to be. A breakup can mean, “I’m done here. It’s [...]