Taking a partner to meet the family this holiday? Relationship expert reveals how to avoid any awkwardness or faux pas at Thanksgiving – from planning alone time to using a SAFE WORD

  • A survey found that 56% of all adults and 70% of millennials feel anxious about bringing home a significant other to meet family
  • New York City-based relationship expert Susan Winter reveals how to make the moment less stressful
  • She suggests prepping a partner with information, planning alone time, coming up with a safe word, and bringing drinks 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the prospect of bringing a significant other home to introduce to the family can have even the most zen among us feeling especially thankful for alcohol.

In fact, a new study conducted by RITAS found that 70 percent of American millennials are anxious about bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend home to meet the parents.

But New York City-based relationship expert Susan Winter tells FEMAIL that avoiding awkward and tense moments around the turkey is all about being prepared, carving out some alone time, and maybe even coming up with a safe word.

RITAS’ survey actually found that more than half of all respondents (56%) felt nervous about bringing a significant other home, with the number shooting up to more than two thirds among those age 25 to 34.

According to Winter, it’s all about seeking approval — and determining what kinds of challenges the future holds.

‘We want our families’ approval for who we’ve chosen,’ she explains. ‘We want them to see the merit in our choice and to also admire and respect our choice of partner because they’re an extension of us.

‘The last thing we want is to have conflict and disharmony because that means we’ve got an enormous headwind in front of us if our families don’t like our partner,’ she says.

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