By Zoe Weiner

When it comes to breakups, broken hearts get all the credit. But it’s our minds that wind up going through the most significant torture. Anyone who has ever checked their ex’s social media multiple times a day, wondering why he or she suddenly decided to get in shape after you broke up, knows what I’m talking about. We often end up in a vicious cycle, looking for answers that may not exist while wracking our brains with obsessive thoughts that prevent us from moving forward.

And, as you may know, giving into these negative thoughts only makes things worse. The more you think about an ex, the harder it is to stop thinking about them, thus delaying the time it takes to move on. “We create mental pathways, and like anything, the more you think about it, the more it goes from a footpath to a freeway.” says Susan Winter, a relationship expert and author of Allowing Magnificence. “It becomes established.”

However, the opposite is also true. “The less we think those thoughts, the less we visit that memory and it begins to wither away,” Winter explains. Because of this, the best way to nurse a broken heart isn’t with a box of chocolate or by binge-watching sappy TV, but by refocusing your brain. Experts suggest you catch any negative or ex-related thoughts and channel them into something more positive.

So, here, Winter shares tips on how to retrain your brain after the worst of breakups. Remember, even though it sounds cliché, things really will get better—especially if you’re kind to yourself.

Cut off contact

The “no-contact” rule may suck, but it works. “The external act of no contact is supposed to break the trigger of thinking about them,” says Winter. “If you see their face, or if you look for them, or if you hear their voice, you’ll go back into the loop.” This loop keeps you stuck in the past, obsessing about unresolved issues and looking for answers that may not exist instead of moving forward. Go ahead and delete your ex from your contact list and hit “block” on Instagram—you know your fingers have been hovering over the button for weeks anyway.

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