The Cure for Heartbreak with Susan Winter | Find The Right Man

Find The Right Man interviews Susan Winter on her Cure for Heartbreak. This discussion outlines her 7-step process to healing the pain of a breakup.

In this interview Antia Boyd and Susan dissect the myths that create the pain of heartache.This discussion outlines her 7-step process to healing the pain of a breakup, and moving toward wholeness. Susan’s insight has helped countless individuals recover their confidence and serenity. This interview illuminates the way out of heartache:

  • Why we long for them one minute and hate them the next
  • How […]

Death Of The Dinner Date | CBS Evening News interview

CBS Evening News interviews Susan on the trend toward informality and away from the traditional dinner date. Is “dating” dead? Here’s reporter/producer Valerie Castro’s segment on modern dating preferences.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — If you’re hungry for love, you might want to reconsider looking for it over dinner.

Sharing a meal — once considered an intimate act – just might be going out of style.

“Are dinner dates dead? Yes, absolutely,” Brooklyn’s Seva Izrailova said.

A recent article in the online publication has proclaimed ‘the death of […]

Distractify with Olivia Caridi on Facebook Live: Relationship Advice

Thanks to our 30+K live viewers for joining me and The Bachelor’s Olivia Caridi last Tuesday! It was wonderful to receive your dating questions in real-time and answer your concerns. If you missed the live event, you can still log onto the show:

Create Your Vision

Before stepping out into the world of dating you’ll need to create your vision. You may have just left a disastrous partnership. Or, you may be in the process of getting clear on what you want in light of your past dating experiences.

Whatever your starting point, it’s a good idea is to formulate a “best-case scenario” vision that works for you. It works, because you already know it works.

Here’s a simple guide to finding your ideal vision in a new mate. It defines what you […]

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