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3 Simple Steps for Getting the Love You Want| Huffington Post article

Spring has finally arrived. Inspired by the beauty of nature’s rebirth, many singles are enlivened with thoughts of romance. As our hopes and dreams of meeting someone special are awakened, so are our concerns for love’s success.

Though we live in a world with seemingly endless opportunities to meet people, finding love can feel like searching for the needle in a haystack. Serial dating can quickly become a rigorous job that ends in limited prospects. What’s the best way to focus our efforts?

Surprisingly, the formula for […]

10 Steps to Moving Beyond the Friend Zone

Are you stuck in the friend zone? It’s a rotten position to hold when you’d prefer to be the “lover.” The fear of staying trapped in a minimal position is equal to the fear of moving forward. Frozen in a battle between two conflicting emotions, we wonder, is something better than nothing?

The anxiety of being imprisoned in a category that’s far less than we desire is humiliating. It’s not good for us and we know it. Yet, we fear the loss of this special friend […]

Are You Questioning ‘Till Death Do Us Part?’ | Huffington Post article

Why do we cling so desperately to a relationship that’s died? Because we’ve been told it’s the right choice to make.

Leaving a dead relationship takes courage. Staying in a dead relationship takes self-sacrifice. We agonize over this decision; worrying about our future and the repercussions for those we love. Adding to our emotional struggle is the premium our culture places on sustaining a relationship. The underlying message insists that suffering is better than leaving, which makes the correct choice even harder.

I marvel at how our […]

Why Valentine’s Day Makes Us Crazy | Huffington Post article

Be honest ladies. We’ve all had times when Valentine’s Day made us a little crazy. It’s the one-day each year that has the ability to destabilize even the most grounded female among us. Whether it’s a fleeting minute of sadness or an entire week of the blues, Valentine’s Day carries a huge message for women. It’s become a signifier of love’s validity.

How could it not? We live in a culture of commercialized consumerism. Imbedded within the ads for cards, jewelry and romantic dinners are the […]

3 Simple Steps to Attract Love in 2015 | Huffington Post article

Attracting love is far easier than we’re led to believe. One way to jump-start the process of attracting love is to be aware of what lies in our here and now, while being in tune with ourselves.

Yes, we live in a modern world. Partner selection can involve hours online as we sift through the multitude of prospective mates on dating sites. However, there’s an easier way to maximize our time while enjoying the process.

Here are three steps you can take that don’t require excess time […]

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