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Why a Little Insecurity Is Good for You | Huffington Post article

Why do we feel insecure about our insecurities? Why do we view insecurity as being a bad thing, when it’s something we all experience at certain times in our life?

I’ve often wondered about the purpose of this very basic human emotion. Knowing that Life is here to assist us, why place this uncomfortable obstacle in our way to feeling good about ourselves? Unless, of course, it provides a vital ingredient needed for our advancement.

Finding the gift of insecurity requires looking through a different lens of […]

5 Tips for a Great Valentine’s Day (Whether Single or Partnered) | Huffington Post article

Valentine’s day can be a real head-trip for many of us. Single’s can feel the pressure of not having a partner with whom to share this day of love. Those in a relationship can feel the pressure of social expectation, wondering if their partner’s going to let them down. Both positions can be emotionally perilous.

Here are five tips to combat any negative messages you may receive this season:

1. Keep Valentine’s Day in perspective:

It’s 1 day out of 365 days. No single day bears testimony to […]

5 Tips to Tell if Your Partner’s Lying to You | Huffington Post article

All humans have innate intuition. Yet no one’s cornered the market on this gift better than women. We may not know why we don’t believe what our partner’s telling us, but something about what he’s saying or how he’s saying it just doesn’t add up. We feel it.

How far do you want to go to figure out the truth? If it’s a case of presumed infidelity, you need to know. But what about the smaller things that he says (or doesn’t say) that bother you? […]

To Stay, or Leave?| Huffington Post article

What do you do when your relationship isn’t working? Whether you’ve been married for 15 years or dating for eight months, the decision whether to stay or leave is never easy. How long do you keep trying to make it right? And, when do you throw in the towel and walk away?

The answer to these questions is easier to find when we start at the end and work our way backwards. There’s always the option to leave. Knowing that’s the last resort, file that away […]

3 Simple Steps for Getting the Love You Want| Huffington Post article

Spring has finally arrived. Inspired by the beauty of nature’s rebirth, many singles are enlivened with thoughts of romance. As our hopes and dreams of meeting someone special are awakened, so are our concerns for love’s success.

Though we live in a world with seemingly endless opportunities to meet people, finding love can feel like searching for the needle in a haystack. Serial dating can quickly become a rigorous job that ends in limited prospects. What’s the best way to focus our efforts?

Surprisingly, the formula for […]

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