When your shared Netflix account outlasts the relationship | NPR interview

By Yuki Noguchi

Spotify wars? Netflix retribution? NPR shows how breakups can affect your jointly shared accounts.

A couple of years ago, Aleta Dignard-Fung got dumped by her boyfriend.

“It was a pretty bad breakup,” says the 20-year-old graphic design student, who lives in Las Vegas.

Only later did she remember that he still had the password to her streaming music account.

“Part of getting over someone is being able to listen to your jams in the shower and maybe cry or something like that,” says Dignard-Fung, who at the […]

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Valentine’s Day Concerns | CJOB 680am Global News Radio interview

Are you stressing over Valentine’s Day concerns? My interview on CJOB 680am Global News Radio with Clay Young decodes the hype and concerns in this day’s underlying social messages of self-worth and value.

Clay Young is an experienced journalist, with beginnings at the Leader Post and CJME in Regina. His work ethic and news sense quickly propelled his career, highlights include: CTV Winnipeg, The Manitoba Television Network, WFIR in Roanoke, Virginia, Thunder Bay TV, and host of Your News Now at CJOB in Winnipeg. In […]

Global News Radio 640 Toronto- The Dating and Relationship Show with Laura Bilotta | Interview

What’s up with men who won’t commit? Find out in my radio interview with host Laura Bilotta on the Dating and Relationship Show, Global News Radio 640 out of Toronto.

It’s no secret that men can be hard to read when it comes to dating. It’s easy to find yourself questioning their motives… their intentions. Are they open to a serious relationship? Do they see marriage in their future?

In this interview host Laura Bilotta and I weigh in on men who won’t commit with comedian Peter […]

‘Last First Date’ Radio: Q&A Call-in 10.16.18 | Live interview

Tune in (and call in) to ‘Last First Date’ Radio on Tuesday, October 16th 2pm EDT to hear Susan and host Sandy Weiner talk about what to do when a man blows hot and cold. Put an end to the confusion you’re feeling, and never be fooled again.

Call in with your questions! (347) 945-5960

Here’s the information and mental strategy you need to handle this type of inconsistent partner!  Call in and get your questions answered:

  • Why does a man play hot and cold?
  • Does it mean that […]
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