Can Social Media Be Good for Your Marriage? | Martha Stewart Weddings interview

By Ellie Finn

We all know snooping through your partner’s Instagram messages is frowned upon and that nothing good happens on Snapchat after midnight, but in a society where couples are increasingly citing dating apps and social media as their matchmakers, there must be some place for all that […]

Uh, Did Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Secretly Get Married Already? The Evidence Is Pretty Convincing | Life & Style interview

By Melissa Copelton

OK, deep breaths, y’all… especially if you’re a Belieber. It appears as though Justin Bieber and his fiancée for all of 20 seconds, Hailey Baldwin, may have secretly gotten married. On July 30, the model stepped out in NYC rocking what looked like a wedding band — when just one day earlier she was still sporting her engagement ring. You can check out the ~compelling~ evidence below.  

On […]

Can your partner really tell you what to wear | Moneyish interview


By Meera Jagannathan

The lady from “Suits” can’t have her tuxedo.

Prince Harry reportedly gave a “thumbs down” to a Stella McCartney tuxedo suit his wife, Meghan Markle, picked out for an event in Australia, according to the Daily Mail. “Meghan is being told she needs to stop dressing like a Hollywood star and start dressing like a Royal,” a source told the outlet. “Meghan wanted to wear a tuxedo-style suit, but Harry said it wasn’t traditional enough.” (To be fair, […]

The internet is dragging a man who left his fiancée for their wedding planner — but experts say the reason why is common | Insider interview

By Sara Hendricks

How would you feel if your fiancé left you for the wedding planner? According to Susan Winter, a relationship expert and best-selling author, the problem with Mark and Eliza wasn’t just that Mark decided that his wedding planner was his soulmate. It was the fact that the couple were a mismatch from  the start.

  • On Tuesday, The Cut published a story in which an ex-couple described the reason for their split.
  • In the story, the woman said the final straw was when […]

Have relationship questions? Ask me, and I’ll answer on Magnifi

You’ve been writing to me in the form of video requests. Now I have a faster, easier method that’s guaranteed to answer your burning questions— on demand. I’ve partnered with Magnifi, the free app that lets you call me directly without a pre-reserved timeslot.

Magnifi is currently available in the US and Canada, though they’re expanding their global reach in the near future. All you need is an iPhone (Android users will be launching soon). From your iPhone, upload the free Magnifi app and call me […]

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