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Love Expert Susan Winter, Guys, and Valentine’s Day — Idiots Podcast interview

Guys, does Valentine’s Day have you paralyzed? My interview with Pod Cast Idiots gives you solid information to set you right for this day of romance.

The guys (and Stacey) are joined by relationship expert Susan Winter. Susan helps us out with relationship advice and provides some tips to keep us on track for Valentine’s day. In addition, we cover some news headlines, Uber Stories, agree on a Netflix show to review for our next show and close out with Trivia Time. Enjoy.

After years working together, […]

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Relationships in an Evolved World with Susan Winter | Podcast feature with Justin Schenck

In this feature podcast with Justin Schenck of Growth Now Movement, Susan discusses what relationships look like today and how they’re ever evolving.  She shares how to live with intention and masterful approaches for handling infidelity.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Relationships in todays world
  • How living with intention is all that matters
  • Susan’s take on how to handle infidelity
  • Why others opinions shouldn’t but do matter and how to handle them


Justin Schenck

Justin Schenck is on a mission to teach the world that it isn’t […]

Here’s how you can break the cycle and stop cheating, according to experts | Business Insider interview


As much as most people would like to pretend that cheating is a rare occurrence, it’s a surprisingly common relationship problem.

According to the Institute for Family Studies, an estimated 16% of people have cheated on their spouse — and this doesn’t even account for infidelity in non-married relationships.

Whatever the reason for cheating, infidelity is painful — not just for the wronged party, but also for the cheater.

If you’re a person who tends to stray, here’s […]

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5 Ways to Keep Social Media From Destroying Your Relationship | Thrive Global interview

By Stephanie Fairyington

For the first three months of my relationship, my now-spouse Sabrina and I refrained from “friending” each other on Facebook to avoid the inevitable compulsion to sleuththrough each other’s old posts, photos, friends and lovers. The seminal stages of loveare fragile — full of doubts, uncertainties and projections. Why rock that unsteady foundation, we agreed.

But, eventually, we took the plunge. The moment I clicked “connect,” I knew it could be the beginning of our demise. As a reporter with an insatiable curiosity (and to […]

The Experts Answer Your Biggest Relationship Questions | Elite Singles interview

By: Zoe Coetzee
In summer 2018, EliteSingles conducted a survey to uncover the biggest, most pressing relationship questions you have about love and dating today. Gathering some of the best advice from a selection of leading experts from around the world, EliteSingles answers these burning relationship questions here. With everything you need to know, we set out to demystify some of the mystery surrounding relationships, love and dating…

The burning topics: your love questions

So, what were the pressing questions you wanted answered? We surveyed 2700 participants to uncover […]

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