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How to tell if someone is actually busy or just not that into you | Business Insider feature

By Talia Lakritz

Susan Winter tells Business Insider how to tell if someone is actually busy or just not that into you.

Why haven’t they called yet? The INSIDER Summary:

• Someone who’s interested will immediately reschedule a canceled date.
• If they’re trying to blow you off, they’ll be vague about when you’ll see them next.
• Go with your gut, and if all else fails, just ask whether they’re feeling it.
You’re trying to plan a date, but your schedules just don’t line up. When you do finally find a time […]

Distractify with Olivia Caridi on Facebook Live: Relationship Advice

Thanks to our 30+K live viewers for joining me and The Bachelor’s Olivia Caridi last Tuesday! It was wonderful to receive your dating questions in real-time and answer your concerns. If you missed the live event, you can still log onto the show:

Dating: A Numbers Game You CAN Win | Huffington Post article

You know you want to meet someone special. But thinking about the effort required for hitting the dating scene leaves you exhausted before beginning the journey. Isn’t there an easier way to find love? And, must it always involve stepping into the revolving dating door?

Despite its rigors, dating is the necessary means to a rewarding end. We need this real-life experience to refine our wants and needs. The more people we meet, the more acute our focus. Dating is the perfect system for discovering our […]

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