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And you thought you had bad dates? | Bored Panda interview

By Liucija Adomaite and Denis Tymulis

So, you think you’ve had bad dates?  Here are 30 stories on Twitter that chronical  the worst things that have happened on a date. I share the reasons for so many failed dates and haphazard connections with Luicija Adomaite and Denis Tymulis of Bored Panda, along with the remedy.

From stealing a cell phone at dinner to having a boyfriend hiding in the closet with a videocamera, somthing is clearly […]

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‘All Things Emotional’ | presentation at the World Economic Forum

I’m thrilled and honored to be presenting at the World Economic Forum on Valentine’s Day! Massive thanks to Joan Ai and the DQ Institute for creating and organizing ‘All Things Emotional’— the integration of emotional and digital intelligence.

This Valentine’s Day a workshop will be led by relationship expert, Susan Winter,  presenting the intersection of emotional and digital love for your “heart” and “brain.” Hosted by DQ Institute in association with the World Economic Forum this interactive prevention covers modern dating and partnership in a digital […]

Dating after divorce in your 40’s | Alchemy of Women podcast interview

Dating after divorce (in your 40’s)? My podcast interview with the Alchemy of Women reveals the complexities of online dating, and how to best approach this new world with open eyes and an open heart.


Host Lisa Lovlin and Susan discuss the many challenges women face when entering the new world of dating after divorce, and having been partnered in a relationship for many years. How do you date? What’s the protocol? Who pays? When do you have sex?

These are the questions that Susan and […]

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We’re coming to Chicago! Join me Sept. 21 & 22nd

Hi ALL! I’ve read your requests and listened to the words of my wonderful followers and fans. So, I’ll be in Chicago to meet you personally on Saturday September 21 and Sunday September 22nd.

This is my chance to have an informal meet and greet, plus presentation and ‘fireside chat.’ I’m able to answer all your questions on love and romance, and spend a lovely afternoon in deluxe settings.

My event is FREE!

To get your invitation, DM us on my Instagram account:

Include your name and […]

Video interview with Susan Winter, bestselling author & relationship expert | Oliver JR Cooper

In this video interview, author and thought leader Oliver JR Cooper and I discuss how to get to love (yes! in today’s dating world), handle a bad breakup, and my advice to women who may be interesting in dating a younger man.

In this interview, Oliver ask me following questions:

1. What advice you would give to someone who is single but is looking to have a meaningful relationship?

2. What can someone do if they continually end up with people who are emotionally unavailable?

3. What […]

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