So you and bae have been together for a while now, and this year you really want to make it special… but how? Truth is, you’re really just an ordinary couple who boo’d up after finding a rom-com-worthy love. But maybe you’re ready to up your game and take your anniversary to Nicholas-Sparks-worthy levels.

Here, three marriage and dating experts weigh-in on some anniversary date ideas that will blow your partner’s mind. Say buh-bye to the classic dinner and movie, your next anniversary is about to be off-the-charts romantic.

1. Go back to your first date

“Take your partner out to the restaurant where you had your first date,” suggests Michele Velazquez, founder of The Heart Bandits, a marriage proposal and romantic event planning service. But this time, do it up big.

“If the restaurant has a private room, rent it out. Call ahead to arrange for the table to be set-up with candlelights and mason jars or photo stands that contain photos of you two for every year that you’ve been together.” And if you want to be super extra, hire a violinist to appear seemingly out of nowhere as you enjoy a celebratory toast.

2. If you’re married, go back to the spot where you got engaged.

Married people have the option of visiting the place where they shared their first date or the place where they got engaged. “Purposefully returning to the place where the magic occurred has a dramatic effect upon your sense of connection,” explains Susan Winter, relationship expert. “The location of your proposal can kick-start a flood of happy memories and the remembrance of the excitement about your future.”

3. Treat yo’selves to a spa day.

Real talk: You don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself anytime you damn well, please. But, your anniversary is a great time to splurge on some luxurious relaxation. “Being pampered together is such a soothing experience for your relationship,” says Laurie Davis Edwards, love coach and founder of The Worthy One.

Get a couples’ massage at a spa where you can lounge for the rest of the day. And, maybe pay a little extra for one with your own private jacuzzi—you and your boo are worth it.

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