I always feel elated when reading the stories shared with me by my website followers. An age-varied love can (and does) exist in the real world. No, it’s not just a trend of the Hollywood elite. It’s not a luxury afforded to the rich and famous. It’s an evolving relationship model that’s valid and workable—occurring with greater frequency in today’s world.

There are real people amongst us who find (and secure) a love that’s independent of their respective ages. Website followers Julie and Nathan have two generations that separate them by age, but not by love. They celebrated the birth of their child together this year. Andrew and Diane are also two decades apart. They will be married in Hawaii at the end of this month.

Journalists and producers have repeatedly asked me, “How is this possible? Is it real? You know, it can’t last.”

Moreover, journalists were desperate to ask my partner what he saw in me. How could a younger man love an older woman? My interviewers came to their own conclusions; it had to be about the sex. Or money. Or opportunity. However, certainly, it couldn’t be about love.

The part that made their heads spin was the fact that my younger partner desired me. He wanted me. He valued all of me. How was that possible? I was older. Couldn’t he see that? There had to be an ulterior motive at hand.

To answer that question, I’ll share some of the comments Andrew’s written on this site. I have culled through over nine pages of excellent commentary to include these gems. Here are reasons why younger men want to marry their older female partner:


I’m getting married to my soul mate in a few days— a sunset wedding on the beach. Susan, I’m telling you that as the days go by, my love for Diane grows and grows so intensely. She’s turning 62, and I’m 41. It is amazing how meeting Diane and falling in love with her has transformed me in so many ways.

She is the greatest woman have ever been with. I have NEVER loved anyone like I love her, and she says the exact same thing about me. We think the same, love the same things, love the same music, and both of us never really had a teenage life…So, the joke is that she is 16 and I’m 17. 

When the age is not important, and you are looking simply at each other and there is genuine passionate love, that is when true happiness and bliss occurs. I went my whole life, with 2 marriages, other relationships in between, and was never truly happy. I am such a different person in every way now because of Diane. It’s whom you’re with, not their age.

 People are getting divorce at alarming rates, and the vast majority of these divorces are with people that are of similar ages—it never mattered about the age. It’s a mentality and a mindset that you both need to work together, compromise, and make adjustments, but that only matters if one truly LOVES the other person.

 I’m also a firm believer in quality over quantity. I would gladly give all my other relationships back in a heartbeat in order to have had a lifetime from the beginning with Diane. Once you actually know what true genuine deep love is, everything else that occurred in your life suddenly goes down quite a few notches. I’m just happy to say that I actually found true love in my life at all.

The age difference gives you different experiences and perspectives. Each partner can reflect on their past and share their discoveries. It provides clarity. That’s why there are no games; which is always the best way to go about pursuing a relationship.

In addition to being the most intimate of lovers in every way, we are truly the best of friends, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s really what counts. LOVE is LOVE. There is no specific rulebook or recipe to follow. Age really is nothing more than a number.