As a single, professional woman you knew the type of strength that came from the realization of goals accomplished. As a partnered woman, you’ve discovered an additional form of strength in the love and support of your mate. And as a mother, all those strengths are multiplied in becoming new parents.

From a single woman to a partnered woman, and from a couple to a family, your love has grown. Your life has changed once again. Within each new format of expansion you’re discovering even greater strength within, and greater strength with your partner.

The ultimate expression of two people joined in unity is the birth of a child. Nature provides this precious, tangible proof of a couple’s love. You’ve created a magnificent little soul that’s entered this world to become the focal point of your finest abilities and greatest talents.

When a baby enters the relationship, couples experience automatic cohesion. This treasured child holds your highest hopes and dreams with their presence in the world. The bond you share with each other is strengthened as you gaze into the eyes of your newborn, awestruck by the miracle of birth and the affirmation of your love.

Two separate individuals have created a third, beautiful identity. Whatever concerns may have been on hand before your baby’s arrival, that child, that incredible gift of nature, now solidifies two hearts and minds into one singular focus. Two people become joined in one goal; the safety and wellbeing of this child. A commitment of this magnitude carves out the best in the both of you.

In this evolving version of who you’re becoming together, the glimmer of a ‘new man’ appears. Your husband may have been the guy who forgot to pick up the milk (again). He may have been the guy who thought the floor was a suitable laundry hamper, or that running water over a dish was the equivalent of washing a dish. But this guy, as a father, now transforms into someone far more wonderful than previously imagined. Alongside the birth of your child, a new man is born as well.

A primal, potent instinct has been activated within your partner. The man who wouldn’t pick up his socks, would die to defend his family and protect them by all means possible. Seeing this level of fierce devotion ignites a woman’s love beyond its former capacity. Another form of strength is born for the entire family as recipients of this enveloping safety and security. All are transformed toward their greater aspects with the birth of a child.

The initial blessing of partnership is the ability to see ourselves reflected back to us, through the eyes of love. Our beloved knows us completely; our strengths, our weaknesses, our hopes and our dreams. The longstanding beauty of partnership lies in the ability to activate enhanced versions of our selves. Cradled in the arms of the one we love, who loves us, we’ve found a safe place to become our better selves, together.

And now with the birth of a baby, all things wonderful in partnership become amplified. This is the strength partnership creates; love’s eternal expansion both inward and outward.


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