Susan Winter Interview, Allowing Magnificence-1 

This podcast with JeeJee Saafir provides a breakdown of our Inner Tapes (beliefs) and how to rewrite those tapes to work to our benefit. With easy-to-apply tools and examples from my latest book “Allowing Magnificence,” I explain how these tapes were formed and how to alter them now to achieve our desires.

“Why is personal power so threatening to our selves and to others? Why aim to become the finer cut of what we envision, only to feel guilty about our achievements or create roadblocks to our success?”

“It was a pleasure to interview Susan. In our interview we talk about her fascinating stories of dating younger men, how she got on Oprah, and her transition into becoming a relationship expert. We also talk about what she calls “inner tapes” as she gives answers to these thought provoking questions…

If you’re looking for someone who’s going to help you reconstruct any inner tapes that are blocking you from love or success she’s the real deal.”

Listen to our interview by clicking here

JeeJeeCalling herself the Business Love Doctor, JeeJee is Founder of and is a marketing and mindset coach for overwhelmed and frustrated relationship & sexuality educators, mentors and coaches. She teaches her clients how to price, package & sell their services in ways that are juicy, aligned and compelling to their ideal clients.