The Tri-City Speaking Tour on LOVE has a cause.  We’re coming to Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa to assist you in finding and maintaining love. But we’re also using this opportunity to support a charitable cause; the eradication of domestic violence. The act of loving another should never cause us physical harm.

Domestic violence has taken a front row seat in the news this month. Public awareness of this issue has increased due to the frequency of its prevalence in society today. Sparking a new round of congressional hearings, The Violence Against Women Act is being reintroduced by Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., prompting stricter reinforcement and a review of its existing penalties.

Certainly, sports celebrities receive their fair share of press coverage. The NFL players’ whose personal lives have taken center stage in the news have brought growing awareness to the issue of domestic violence.  Increasingly, readers of national newspapers and TV news viewers are awakening to the horrors of what was formerly a “silent issue.”

My colleague, Renee C. Steilberg has been a life-long supporter of organizations that combat domestic violence and offer support to its victims. I’m proud to be allied with such a remarkable woman for this event.

In each city, Steilberg and Company has requested that the event proceeds are donated to a local center for Domestic Violence. Not only will our participants hear wonderful advice on getting and creating the love they desire, they’ll be helping abused women and children directly by their participation in this event.

If you live in or near Jacksonville, Orlando or Tampa, please consider adding this worthwhile event to your calendar. I’d love to meet you personally, and look forward to sharing the collective insight of Renee’s many years of matchmaking with my personal message for you. Here’s the link to tickets, times and locations: 

Here are the charities Renee and her staff will be supporting in our speaking tour:

Hubbard House and Harbor House will receive a portion of the proceeds raised from the admission tickets and 100% of any direct donations made. The mission of Domestic Violence is Every Relationship Violence-Free. Their priorities include providing safety for victims and their children, empowering victims, and social change through education and advocacy. Every woman, man and child who comes to a local shelter finds support, counseling and education as they begin the difficult and dangerous transition to safety and peace. Victims of domestic violence and their children are not charged for the life-saving services they receive.

Jacksonville: October 7th

Hubbard House. media




Orlando/Tampa: October 8th