In episode 3 of The Love Project Podcast we talk about rules, breaking them, the new dating paradigm and the future of dating and how to achieve authentic relationships.

Last month I launched The Love Project Podcast! Yay.

This is a very important milestone for many reasons. On one hand because it’s so rewarding to do something so new and different. Learning how to master a new skill (ie. how to record and edit sound) turned out to be incredibly satisfying for my brain and it pumped up my serotonin levels.

On another hand because I get to share my experience with you in a more personable manner, but I also get to interview lots of cool people, such as my guest this week, relationship expert Susan Winter. As seen on OPRAH, Susan specialises in evolutionary forms of loving partnership and higher thinking. She writes, speaks and coaches on accessing our inherent perfection in life and love.

If you’ve listened to the podcast, loved it and are wondering how to get in touch with Susan, here are your answers:

Check out her website:, Follow her on Facebook: Author Susan Winter, Twitter: @Susan_e_winter and  YouTube: Susan Winter

Susan also has her own podcast, Check her out on iTunes by searching ‘The Susan Winter Show.”

You can listen to The Love Project podcast on iTunes either by clicking on this link or by searching ‘The Love Project Podcast’ on the Podcasts App on your Phone and clicking the Subscribe button. This way, you will be notified every time I upload a new episode.

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Until next time, with love (what else?),

Iulia xx

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