By  on December 14, 2013

Every human being wonders if they’re “okay.” That’s the big secret. No matter what position we hold, how attractive our looks or how much money and power we have… at the core of every human is the desire to be accepted and seen as valuable in the eyes of those around us.

You’re not flawed or defective. You’re experiencing this thing we call Life. There will be times you’re on top of the world and times you’ll doubt your worth.

I’ve had the great privilege to personally know some of our world’s most powerful people. These titans of commerce are truly human; with insecurities, frailties and self-doubt. Gifted in specific areas yet struggling in others, they’re just like the rest of us.

True empowerment is humble. As opposed to those who play the “I’m so together game,” the truly powerful are aware of their own mixture of humanity and seek only to be the best version of themselves possible while here on this earth.

Comparison is an inaccurate assessment of our worth. We’ll never know the inner workings of another person’s life, their challenges, or the sacrifices they’ve made to secure their success.

We will all experience cycles in our life when we feel we’ve lost our way. Upon entering a new level of understanding we won’t know the markers or the terrain. Life is wonderful in this way. The nature of growth is embracing the new and unexplored. Security is opposed to growth, as growth is chaotic and unsettling.

In any moment of fleeting insecurity… know that you’re not alone. You’re a human being trying to find your way through a maze of conflicting information and illusory symbols. It’s okay. You’re okay. We’re all here learning. Growing. Uncovering. Discovering.

Insecurity is the gift of wondering what comes next. That’s part of the fun. We’ve been given a life to construct in any manner we choose. We can seek our own guidance and trust ourselves to know the answers when we get there. Though our answers may not match the answers of those around us, that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. They are ours. And in that, they are perfect.