By Peter Sblendorio

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are less mature than high schoolers — literally.

Fans around the world were stunned Wednesday when the recently separated stars erased every photo from their relationship off social media — a catty gesture typically reserved for hormonal adolescents.

But even some high schoolers found the duo’s actions downright childish.

“Handle it like an adult,” Hannah Schildcrout, 17, told the Daily News. “Deleting pictures is so middle school.”
Swift, 26, and Harris, 32, purged their pages almost immediately after The Sun published photos online of the “Blank Space” singer kissing actor Tom Hiddleston.

She also removed this photo from last June. (TAYLORSWIFT VIA INSTAGRAM)

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Among the pictures they removed were snapshots of their frequent outdoor rendezvous last summer, images from their tropical vacation in March and a wave of sappy posts in between.

Some teens, however, don’t need to have their exes out of sight to keep them out of mind.

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“I still have my ex on Facebook and Twitter,” Gustaf Moskog, 18, said. “Her pictures don’t really affect me.”
That wasn’t the case for Harris, who cryptically tweeted, “Oh boy it’s about to go down,” shortly after photos of Swift and Hiddleston emerged. He took that post down, too, moments later. So much for all the “love and respect” he preached on Twitter after their breakup.

Relationship expert Susan Winter said the two stars’ decision to cleanse their social media accounts of each other is “extreme,” though she contends it’s sometimes a necessary step for couples to move on.

“We’d call this behavior ‘immature’ were they an everyday couple in high school or college,” she said. “Perhaps it would even be seen as vindictive.”

Harris was left fuming and feeling “betrayed” by his ex after learning of the photos, a source told E! News.

Even still, some high schoolers say it’s time for the DJ to grow up and face the music.

“It is really petty,” opined 15-year-old Ava, who declined to give her last name. “It’s the kind of thing teenagers get away with because we’re teenagers and petty all the time but adults are supposed to be more mature about this stuff.”