Breakup Triage: The Cure for Heartache author Susan Winter rejoins The Art of Charm to answer a couple of questions that were addressed to her and help with our usual assortment of email.

In this episode:

  • Should a broken relationship be mended when the primary glue is guilt?
  • It says more about the people who have cheated on you in multiple relationships than it does about you when you’re always faithful and loving. But maybe you should review your selection process.
  • Is there help for an attention craver who knowingly jeopardizes relationships by habitually flirting with strangers?
  • Let’s unpack the relationship exit strategy idea we talked about in Susan’s episode and never got around to finishing (sorry)!
  • How do you get over the jealousy you feel when your partner brings up past sexual exploits with other people?
  • Is it possible to set new boundaries in a relationship (especially a marriage) once old ones have been established?


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