Join Me December 2-12 2013

Please join me, along with 20 other Leading Experts in the field of love and relationships, as we share the keys to keeping your love alive and reigniting your passion. We’ll be presenting our most effective tips to ensure your love continues to grow.


Whether you’re seeing someone new or in a long-standing relationship… I know you want your relationship to be ALL that it can be; to continue to grow as a couple and to keep your passion alive.

We all want to believe that ‘our love’ will grow into a quality partnership, naturally. But maintaining that love takes insight and work, as life is a fluid process affected by day-to-day challenges.

Dealing with love’s ups and downs doesn’t need to be a confusing mystery. There are ‘tried-and-true’ tools known by top relationship experts that can enhance the partnership you have, already.

The “REIGNITE THE LOVE” free Telesummit is hosted by my friend and colleague, Paula Nicollin along with other experts such as John Gray (author of the best selling “Mars/Venus” book.).

21 Experts = 21 different approaches. And, it’s FREE.

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My personal podcast is 12/6 at 4pm EST, so save the date! I do hope to see you there!In addition, I have a gift for one lucky participant. I’ll be giving a FREE HALF HOUR COACHING session to the first person who logs in to the summit.

Susan Winter
Professional Life Mentor

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