I’m not a traditional gambler. I don’t use money. Rather, I place my hopes and dreams on something I believe has good odds of winning. This is why I’m placing my bet on millennial women. I believe they’ve got it right. Even though they doubt themselves.

As Millennial’s wonder how to approach the open design they face, they question how to handle the world in which they live. What are the right choices? Does one defer to the past for direction or carve a new trail out of the unknown? How should they actualize their dreams? And how, oh how, does one make sense of modern dating as a means to finding love?

It’s a tall order. To stand at the starting line of a “life race” where all doors are open yet no rules of conduct are in place. I can empathize with their dilemma. In my own way, I ignored the rules of a highly structured world in pursuit of what rang true for me. There were no models for guidance. There was no infrastructure in place from which to make my selections. I had to trust my gut and trust myself to walk against the crowd to find a way that resonated for me and take the heat for doing so.

In the midst of the rubble there will be a path that is found. Given the genetic gene pool from which these young women have been formed, they have every tool at their disposal. Lack one. Confidence.

But confidence isn’t a young woman’s game. It comes with age. Confidence is born of trial and error, of assessment and reassessment. Though they doubt they have what it takes, I know they do. In the brilliance of “not knowing,” all things are new and all outcomes are possible.

The one who believes they don’t know has every option open from which to choose. No structure, means, no limitation. Yes, creating something from scratch takes ingenuity. It takes guts, faith and vision. Guts beyond defaulting to existing “roles.” Faith in one’s self. And vision beyond known formulas of times past.

This is why I’m placing my bet on millennial women. Life has handed them a blank canvas upon which they are to create a masterpiece that’s fresh and unique. With no direction as interference, the authentic self-will express its truth. And that addition to our world bank of possibilities will be the reward we all gain.