Voted by DatingAdvice.Com as one of the top ten online dating experts in the world, dating coach, author, and world-recognized expert in the field of online dating Joshua Pompey, is perhaps the most respected man in the industry and a pioneer in the world of online dating. I’m pleased to share his guest post for the men who read this site, and for all of you who are dating online and wondering about a lack of response.

Millions of single men around the world struggle with online dating each and every day.  Its not that these men are inadequate, its simply due to the fact that online dating is a unique medium, filled with tons of competition, and a lot of obstacles to overcome.  In order to find success, one must learn to master the art of online dating in the same way that one must master any other challenge in life. And it all starts with writing the perfect emails.  In this article I will discuss seven reasons your emails may not be receiving a response.

1.  Your photo gallery is not set up correctly.

With online dating, everything is connected.  It doesn’t matter how great our online dating first emails are if the photo galleries are not constructed properly.  Each photo should highlight our best internal characteristics, tap into as many attraction builders as possible, and combine to tell a unique story of why women should want to date us over everyone else.  Especially the better-looking men.

2.  The written portion of your profile does not ignite interest and attraction.

Again, everything online is connected.  Your pictures and online dating first emails may pass the test with women, but they will always read your profile before deciding whether or not to respond.  Without a perfectly constructed profile, even the best online dating first emails in the world won’t work.

3.  Your online dating first email has failed to establish that “it” factor.

Ever see a girl that you can’t stop looking at?  She may not be the best looking woman, but there is something about her you are drawn to.  This is the “it” factor.  In the online world, you are constantly in competition with other men. Online dating first emails must have that “it” factor to get noticed.  Are yours completely original, interesting, and funny, or are you just another invisible guy in the crowd?

4.  Your online dating first email is sending the wrong signals about yourself.

Nobody ever writes a first email with the intention of coming across as needy, desperate, lazy, boring, lonely, etc.  But it still happens all the time.  Everything from the openers we choose, to the smallest details of how we phrase our sentences, will communicate to women whether we are desirable or undesirable. Without understanding what destroys attraction, we won’t be able to avoid killing it.

5.  Your online dating first email takes too much time to respond to.

Quality women receive hundreds of messages, and thus, have little time to respond.  Emails that take a long time to respond to will always be deleted.  Like a great author, the key is to generate a ton of interest, within as few words as possible.   The question must also generate excitement.  This is tricky at first, but easily done once learning the right format and openers.

6.  Your online dating first email isn’t building attraction.

There are ten basic ways to build attraction online. Within these ten basic methods are unlimited possibilities. While I can’t teach them in one article, unless you are born with near perfect looks, or are a natural ladies man, you simply must learn them to have success.

These methods aren’t sleazy or manipulative, nor do they require us to be someone we aren’t.  They simply help us to highlight our best selves.

7.  You’re online dating first email fails to generate a laugh.

No attraction builder is more effective than humor.  At the end of the day, women want to have a good time, feel a positive energy, and not be worried about going on a boring and awkward first date.  Make them laugh in a first email, and the guard instantly drops. Keep them laughing, and they will likely be laughing all the way to the first date.

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