Here are some things you’ll discover in this show:

  • Why younger women take their youth for granted
  • How an older woman can make herself look even better than her younger counter parts
  • Why diet and exercise are the fountain of youth
  • How older women can bring content to the relationship a younger woman cannot
  • Why Susan doesn’t get along with her peers
  • The power of positive thinking and what thinking youthfully can do for your physical life
  • The most surprising benefit of dating an older woman and why older women don’t play games
  • How older woman can have a stronger libido and it isn’t what you think
  • Why our first step is usually to rebel against what we don’t like rather than move on from what we don’t like
  • Why the next most powerful phase in life is to decide what you do want and why that’s so attractive

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Her Classic Book:

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Her Personal Hero:

Susan’s father – who never told her what to do but led by example. Powerful, humble, gracious, warm, loving, and a tour de force, he made daily decisions that affected the lives of each American as well as international commerce.

Susan’s Quote We Like Best for this Show:

“It’s not that true that nice guys finish last, they finish first, it’s just a different race.” – Susan Winter

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