Older Women Bring Power, Content, and Emotional Capacity with Susan Winter Part 1

Here are some things you’ll discover in this show:

  • Why the onus is actually on women and not on men to evolve
  • What happened in Susan’s first older woman / younger man relationship that inspired her to write about the topic
  • Why Susan received hatred for a loving relationship she had and what she did to over come it
  • The trick to seeing every experience you have as a lesson to be learned
  • Why it’s so important to psychologically protect yourself from what society wants and what you want
  • Why it’s never out of fashion to be a man of character and integrity
  • What it means when a woman wants to assert her power over you and why you should avoid her
  • How the people around you will start to mirror the type of person you become
  • Why some younger men may not be able to get it up and how you can avoid it
  • Why your body will reveal the truth and how you can pay attention to it

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