Have you ever wondered what Susan does in a coaching session? Why do her clients meet such amazing success in their romantic goals? Why is their self-esteem so high? Marc Mawhinney interviews Susan on her unique approach and the factors that contribute to her client’s dramatic shift in life and love.

Susan Winter is a Professional love and life mentor, social futurist and relationship expert who has made numerous media appearances, including being a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show.




Susan was an opera singer and came to a realization that she didn’t enjoy the lifestyle that accompanied it. She made a shift into acting and then joined corporate America where she became the spokesperson for an impressive number of Fortune 500 companies. She started seeing a younger man and that launched her into a new career path with her book “Older Women, Younger Men”.



-“People will find you when you have found your voice.”

-“It’s interesting in coaching to not only be great at what you do, but then to realize that the more information a person has in the field, the more they resist asking for help.”

-“I’ll get bored to death if I’ve only got one message!”

-“The purity of my desire was so powerful that I believe, in an unconscious way, I gathered all the forces in our very purposeful universe to assist me.”

-“Rather than saying ‘Oh I think I’ll be a coach’, it’s the people who really have a reason to be here that make the greatest coaches.”



Susan is opening a Web Store as well as working on audiobooks.

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