Tune into your inner guidance for awareness of things unspoken. It’s not the words you hear, but the words you don’t hear that are important. Listen between the lines, and listen within the silence.

Human beings have been blessed with intuition and instinct, by which to feel our way toward conclusion. If we can listen with our feelings about what is both being said, and not said, we will have a more accurate assessment of the unspoken message.

Humans seek security, and growth. The duality in these opposing desires causes immense reactivity within the love dynamic. Relationships bring up issues in each partner. That’s the beauty of this vehicle of evolution. The intention of loving partnership is to create a safe environment for those issues to be cleared. Within the safety of mutual affection, both partners are called to attend to their inner work.

The inherent volatility of a love affair creates an opening for healing and transformation. It is the intent and purpose of the love design. To utilize the catalyst of love to transform our pain and deactivate the ego, is a blessing. Yet it is this pain that often ends many a relationship. When unaware of this underlying causation, we point to the “other” as being the root of our problems. Unconscious of our responsibility for what is being revealed in our own psyche, we may elect to leave the problematic person only to revisit the same issues, in our next lover.

There is a time of transition in relationships when words are not spoken. It’s often due to an underlying issue that isn’t being aired. People are apt to stay silent when certain subjects come up for two reasons; either they don’t have the answers or they know the answers and don’t care to share their thoughts in that moment. Whatever the reason, silence is a statement. Silence can speak volumes, as in the case of one partner asking the other, “Do you love me?” If there is no reply, that is an answer in and of itself. It may not mean that the partner has lost all their love for you. This is a situation in which you will have to ask your inner guidance.

It may mean that they are not sure of their love, in that particular moment or regarding that particular situation. Silence signals a shift from what was easily said, to that which is harder to articulate. It serves as a marker of necessary revision, in that it highlights a shift is present. Not to be rigidly viewed as a shift signaling relationship termination, but rather an internal shift that is occurring within the partner to which you must be attentive.

Silence, in reference to a past painful situation can be code for, “Don’t ask.” Or, “I’m not comfortable discussing this situation, at this moment.”  To decipher what is meant requires intuition and sensitivity.

It’s common to add your own fears to the mix. Don’t imagine it’s all about you. It may be something stirring within your partner for which you are a minor player in their drama. Simply observe the patterns of silence, noting when they occur and under which circumstances. When your partner is able to articulate their feelings, they will do so. If adjustment is needed, you will know.