LSA 025: Susan Winter – Social Futurist, PUA Foil, Author, Dinner Guest, Babe & Friend


Susan Winter has sought out “the worst men in the world”, gamed PUAs (and more than lived to tell about it) and has actively explored all models of relationships for over a decade. This week’s Lifestyle Arts Podcast features Stephen Nash’s conversation with this amazing coach, author, babe and “social futurist” and she’s got a lot to say. Hear about her adventures with “PUAs”, the best date she’s ever had, monogamy, older women/younger men, male/female dynamics, the challenges both sexes face in large urban areas and so much more. Get ready, get set for the incomparable Susan Winter

Every so often, someone comes along who is willing to cast themselves forward into the future and experiment with NEW ideas, models and paradigms.

It happens in science, technology, medicine, lifestyle, travel…you name it. And, it happens in dating and relationships.

One such person is Susan Winter, a self-described “social futurist”, who decided some years ago to actively discover what was REALLY possible between men and women, dating and relationships.

On this week’s podcast episode, she generously shares her findings with us…we discuss:

  • The “roots” of male/female dynamics, and how these form relationships
  • Monogamy vs…?
  • Dating PUAs – the good, the bad, the ugly and the really broken
  • The single best date she’s ever been on (unreal)
  • Specific challenges facing single men and women in urban areas
  • Older women, younger men…
  • Our first “date”
  • & More, more more…

Get ready, get set for the utterly spectacular, Susan Winter.

Stephen Nash was introduced to the world as “Playboy” in the book The Game by Neil Strauss, which topped the New York Times Best Sellers list and propelled a select group of Pickup Artists to global recognition.

After leaving Project Hollywood in August of 2004, kissing “The Game” goodbye, Stephen continued to hone his skills into a more natural and holistic framework for attracting and dating women. This new coaching philosophy met with success in helping men of all backgrounds overcome their dating challenges and become capable of developing lasting, healthy relationships with women.

Stephen has worked with over 1,000 coaching clients in his career and is the author of the best- selling How To Get a Girlfriend, now in its fifth edition. Stephen sees clients in both New York and San Diego/Los Angeles. To learn more about his coaching, and inquiring about working with him, please click the link below:

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