How can you tell when a guy’s chatting you up whether he’s is a player, or the real thing? Do bad boys pick certain women to play? How do they spot weakness in a woman that signals she’s ‘easy prey?’ You’ll get all the answers in my interview by Lorna Poole, of Bad Boy Breakthrough.

Here are tips you need to know to decode the bad boy game. They’re the classic moves of a man who’s only looking for sex. Learn how to spot the signs so you never get fooled by the chemistry driven, over charming man who is out to break your heart.

Show Highlights

  • Susan tells you exactly how to spot the player
  • Hallmark sign: Players come on strong and make you the centre of their world
  • The real guy is nervous he wants you to think if he is okay?
  • Players create urgency, Susan shares the signs
  • Susan explains why men play hot & cold with you

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