Winter Dating – with Susan Winter (Episode 4)


In this episode we interview world-renowned relationship expert, author, and T.V. personality Susan Winter. Susan shares with us her secrets for dating and relationship success and gives shy guys extremely helpful advice to start using today!

In our interview we go over:

  • Susan’s unique journey of becoming a relationship coach and author
  • How and why she began to date men so much younger than her
  • Why age doesn’t matter at all in relationships
  • Why infidelity in relationships and marriage is so prevalent
  • Why marriage and children isn’t for everyone
  • Why Katie Couric and others tried to bash her
  • Her experience on Oprah
  • Why she likes shy guys so much
  • Her best tips for shy guys to be successful with women


Justin Stenstrom assists shy guys in confidence building skills on approach, dating advice and gives tips and tools to assist men wanting partnership. Justin’s book Giving Shy Guys Game is available on Amazon and is a must-read for men seeking to maximize their dating and partnership potential.

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