Susan Winter, bestselling author and dating and relationship expert, joins our show in this special episode of The Justin Stenstrom Show. Susan talks about her seven step formula for getting over a breakup and how to prepare for the worst in a relationship! She shares with us her best tips for getting over a bad breakup, moving on with your life, and being okay with being by yourself. If you’re wondering how to get past a relationship that’s recently ended, pick up the pieces in your life, and move on without feeling bad about yourself, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • Why most people have a back-up strategy for many things like say getting a flat tire but almost nobody has one for having their relationship end
  • Why it’s so important to have a plan if you do breakup with your partner
  • How to deal with the first few hours after a breakup
  • The seven step formula Susan came up with for breakups and how she came up with it
  • Why the word “triage” is so applicable to the way Susan’s dealt with helping her clients get over breakups
  • Susan’s new book called Breakup Triage and why it’s so effective for helping people get past their breakups
  • Figuring out why your relationship ended and why this can help you get over it
  • Why coming up with an answer, any answer, is critical at this juncture
  • How to get out of the loop of obsessing about your ex
  • Why breaking the myth-loop is crucial to seeing the truth about why and how your relationship ended
  • Why you shouldn’t talk bad about your ex and what this can consequently do to you
  • How to get past the myth that your partner was the one-and-only person for you
  • What failed relationships can do for us and why there really isn’t a such thing as a “failed” relationship
  • How to separate our dreams in a relationship from the reality of the situation
  • The eureka moment that Susan had about love and relationships and why it’s changed her entire perspective on breakups
  • The fact that love is independent and what this means about breakups
    Why you are the generator of your own love


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