Don’t let The One slip

Don’t let these signs that they’re The One slide by.

Love at first sight doesn’t always happen; sometimes it can hit you when you least expect it. Don’t be too quick to make a decision, as there may be some not-so-obvious signs that they are the one for you. Relationship expert Kiki Strickland has advised that it’s normal to feel unsure after the first couple of dates, only to realise later on that it’s meant to be.

Here are some signs that could mean they are worth pursuing.

Awkward greeting

Your date may not be the best at first hellos, so have patience. They may trip up as they extend their hand to shake, or perhaps they give you an odd, limp hug. But don’t see it as a negative thing; they may just be nervous and wanting to impress you. Patti Feinstein, a Chicago-based dating coach, urges you to look past the clumsiness and wait for them to grow in confidence as time goes on. After all, you’ll want a funny story to share in the future, when you look back at your first date.


Nothing makes you feel more special than when someone takes an interest in your hobbies, pastimes and everyday antics. So if the first topic of conversation is how your recent work meeting went, it shows they’ve made note of your comments. Or perhaps they’ll dive into a chat about that TV show you love, proving they are genuinely involved with everything you have to say.

Kiki believes this is a sure signal that men in particular are interested, and that communication is essential when things get more serious.

“When men really like you, they’ll pay attention to details,” she added.

Family is important

It’s no doubt that when people talk about family and loved ones it’s an attractive trait, especially when it comes to helping a relative in need. If it’s a male and he talks about aiding his mom or younger sister, it’s a clear sign of how he treats the women in his life. Susan Winter, New York-based relationship expert, explained: “He should bring it up [helping family] offhandedly, not as if he’s telling you to get your reaction, which could be a sign that he’s just trying to show off.”

Small hiccups are overlooked

You may arrive at your date destination and find it’s packed, or closed. If their reaction is cool and collected, this is a sign they’re open to options and aren’t too anal when it comes to organising future dates. If you find yourself being asked a couple of times throughout the date how things are going, it’s not an ego boost for the other person – it could be them making sure you’re having a good time and enjoying yourself. All you need to do is quickly reassure them and soon the nerves will settle.

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