Susan’s podcast interview with Alec Chase of Men’s Dating Mastery shares how to create a partnership that resonates with your goals and individual desires.

In This Episode

  • Susan Winter’s personal story about how she became an evolutionary relationship expert.
  • Designing an la carte relationship that may not look normal but that is right and true for you.
  • The process of discovering the type of dating/love life that is best suited for you.
  • How healthy and fulfilling relationships can come in many forms.
  • Finding intimacy and emotional connection outside of monogamy.
  • Can a casual relationship (e.g. friends with benefits, casual sex, etc.) be appropriate for a person at a point in time?
  • Making relationships outside of traditional norms work.
  • Is it possible for a man not seeking exclusivity to be upfront about his intentions and still get the sex he wants.
  • How honesty can actually be the best form of game.
  • Finding freedom inside of a committed relationship.
  • Exploring different relationship constructs in the face of opposition from your social circle and society at large.
  • Knowing the difference between what you want and what you have been conditioned to believe you want.
  • Using “open relationship” status as a crutch to avoid intimacy.
  • What goes into a true polyamorous relationship.
  • Seeing the beauty in a relationship even if it doesn’t last forever.