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  1. Email me with ‘Consultation’ in the subject line: info@susanwinter.net
  2. Include your time zone, and issue of concern.
  3. We’ll choose a date and time to connect via cell or Skype.
  4. Personal Consultations are $225.00 for 45 minutes.
  5. Your session is confirmed when payment is received.
  $225.00 – Personal Consultation
*VIP status is by invitation only for my long-standing clients. Its significant discount includes “roll-over” minutes usable within 2 months of original purchase, and on-demand sessions.
 VIP Consultation

Client Testimonials

“Susan Winter doesn’t have a cookie cutter “relationship” formula that she’s come up with and is now trying to shoe-horn everyone into. Susan figures out who you are and how you can love, communicate and relate to other people in your life on the basis of what are your natural, pure instincts— what’s already in your DNA. She then shows you how to use these tools that you already have to communicate and express yourself for a more satisfying, healthy and happy lifestyle.”

Donna Amato
LA, California


“Susan is more than just an extraordinary woman – she’s a supplier of hope. After breaking up with the love my life (of 5 years), Susan was the light to my darkness. Before I met Susan, I was completely lost without my soulmate and didn’t know how to go on. But with Susan’s unwavering and nurturing support, I was able to not only get my soulmate back, I was given the precise tools and direction needed to find myself again. Having Susan on your side is akin to having the Vince Lombardi of romance therapists – you can’t lose.”

Cory Parker Cabral
Herkimer, New York


“I learned from Susan to do my best in relationships, and how to benefit from each and every connection. If it doesn’t work, I move on… but I have gained much from the experience. Also, how to be honest and respectful of the person I date, how to give and share love, and show appreciation.

I learned to be more social and open to people in general. With her help, I changed my behavior in a more positive way, and now feel more confident and comfortable with myself. It’s been a truly positive impact on my life.

By following Susan’s advice, I came to understand why some people behave in certain ways, and to look more at their true inside. I learned how to create love, honesty and compassion. I am now starting a Masters Degree in Psychology, as I want to pass this on to others, myself.”

Zina Boulahia
Paris, France


“Susan is an insightful coach who uses her many life experiences to help both friends and clients come to their own realization of what they have to do, in a proper time frame. She helps them face their current reality and sets specific goals and game plans. Susan sparks insight and helps her clients sees the situation clearly. She listens carefully, and helps them to find their truth.”

Arlene Menachem


“Susan has a fabulous energy combined with her intelligence and good heart, she understands you at all levels, without complications, she is simply a blessing.”

Patricia Riachi
Madrid, Spain


“I came to Susan at a cross-roads in my life, and she gave me confidence and assurance. Things improved, and got better in a way I never thought was possible. Her advice wasn’t anything like what others had told me. She could see what could be… and helped me to get there.”

Delio Pacifici
NYC/ Miami


“Susan’s joyful energy and insights have been fresh and nonjudgmental, shinning clear light on the patters and programs I’ve been running. I’ve had the habit of encouraging the feeling that I didn’t choose my relationships (romantic and friendship), feeling that somehow they overpowered me and snuck into my life. This often left me disempowered and setup to sing a victim lament. She is able to offer her personal experience in an non-intimidating way that makes me feel not behind, nor ahead of where I need to be in my journey and lessons. As diamond sharpens diamond, her ability to reveal the thought patterns that have been blocking the light of my highest potential is astounding!! She cheers me on to rise up into the opportunities I’ve created and ask for what I want from my partner and my friends. I feel bright-eyed and fearlessly curious to try new angles and approaches that she offers. I’m deeply grateful for her spirit and the connection she has with herself. My life situations and practice of love continue to deepen so smoothly with her support.”

Catherine Herrmann
New York City, NY.