I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new audio booklet Breakup Triage; The Cure for Heartache.

I know the crippling pain of a breakup and I’ve seen how it can dismantle our lives. As a relationship expert, I knew I needed to create a remedy for immediate relief.

This audio booklet is my version of a “First aid kit.’

As a part of my 2am Series, Breakup Triage; The Cure for Heartache provides the urgent relief that guides you back to emotional balance, while reclaiming faith in yourself and faith in love. It’s step-by-step process is guaranteed to restore your serenity and self-confidence.

Finally, a real cure for the pain and confusion that’s disrupted your life as a result of this breakup. My 7-step action plan creates a tangible shift in your confidence and attitude within 30 minutes.

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Also, on Audible and iTunes

Here’s a sample clip of what you’ll learn: