Allowing-Magnificence-111x150I’m thrilled to have received the Amazon Editors’ Favorite Books of 2014 award for “Allowing Magnificence.” Each fall the editor’s at Amazon review books of merit that have been gaining traction and have great reviews. They read books they find of interest, and from that list select those they feel are worthy of this coveted award.

Thanks to all of you for your support! And for those of you who haven’t had a chance to read “Allowing Magnificence,” here’s the link:  

This book will help reframe all the challenges you experience in life and give you the tools to find the gold within each “apparent” difficulty. From love to career and childhood wounds to current day issues, this book provides a clear-cut understanding of how to transform your life for the better. Learning how to assess challenges in real-time and mastering the ability to know “why things happen” gives you the skills and knowledge to prosper from whatever issue is occurring in your life.

I’ve shared the stories of my personal life and those of others’ who’ve been guided to a new and better understanding. I know you’ll love the positive message and ease of internal resolution of what was formerly painful and how you can use the very thing that harmed you to empower you. Happy reading! Susan