July 21st, 2016 by YOUQUEEN

If you’d like to know how to find true love and make your relationship last a long time, check out these dating and relationship bloggers that revealed love secrets exclusively for our readers.

Have you ever wondered what are the things you should avoid on your first date? What are the absolute “must do” things to make a great first impression? How to build successful relationship and keep it lasting for a long time?

We have asked this questions “Best Dating and Relationship Bloggers” and here is what they have told us exclusively for YouQueen readers.

10. Susan WinterSW FullSmile cropped

You in 7 descriptive words?

1. Fusing passion with purpose
2. Authenticity
3. Clear-cut advice for our modern dating world
4. Warmth
5. Internationally recognized thought leader
6. Mentor of loving partnership models
7. Honesty

What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I strive to connect with my audience in a manner that empowers them while doing so from a supportive, nurturing position. The task is to remind them that they already have the answers— and that they’re continually being guided by their own truth.

Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers: General first date advice? Absolute NO and absolute YES for girl to make great impression on first date?

There’s no substitute for the supremacy of knowing who you are and what you want. Knowing yourself and being clear on your goals is ‘a must’ for successful dating. These two fundamentals form the basis (and outcome) of your romantic experiences.

In loving, we experience

YouQueen’s Question: By your opinion what would be 3 most important qualities for successful relationship?

1. Show your partner ongoing appreciation.

We all need to feel valued, and that our efforts in being a mate are appreciated. This is especially true in longstanding relationships.
Instead of noting our mate’s flaws, make it a habit to shift the focus to what they’re doing right. A sincere, “Thank you” and “I really appreciate that” is a powerful tool for creating harmony, passion, and happiness.

This is my # 1 quality for creating and maintaining a successful relationship. Positive reinforcement gives our mate a tangible reason to want to please us. It makes them feel loved, while encouraging kind behavior. We, in turn, become the beneficiary of this loving attitude. Love grows upon love.

2. Master the art of constructive communication.

Good communication is routinely noted as being the key a successful relationship. However, we’re given very little direction on “how” to communicate properly with our partner.

When we express our discontent it’s often a form of complaint, accusation or nagging. Constructive communication includes “why” an issue is problematic for us, and our “preferred behavior” as to how that issue could be more effectively handled.

Stating our “why” gives our partner valuable insight as to the basis for our emotional response. It grounds the validity of our feelings in reasons that makes sense, rather than sounding like orders stemming from the need to control. Sharing our “preferred behavior” gives our partner a road map to work from and a guide to conflict resolution.

The purpose of partnership

3. Continue to cultivate play and adventure.

As couples get into their routine of day-to-day life together, they often forget to have fun. Remnant non-work hours end up being used for errands, and other personal tasks.

Scheduling interesting activities together allows the couple to play, relax, and get lost in their adventure. It sparks growth, and activates our biological reward centers.

Playing together relieves stress while it strengthens the couple’s connection through joy and pleasure. It serves as a positive reminder of why we chose this person to be our mate, and why we continue to choose loving them.