The ‘big secret’ every single lady needs to know

Lamenting the fact that you’re single? Here’s the big secret you need to know. You have a freedom your coupled friends envy. Here’s how to enjoy the perks you have, right now.

3 Reasons You’ll Settle for Less in Love

Your relationship isn’t bad. But, it’s not great. These are the three reasons you’ve made this choice, and why it may be time to review your options for a greater love.

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    This Reality Star Went on a Date With Her Uber Driver — Should You? interview for Brit + Co

This Reality Star Went on a Date With Her Uber Driver — Should You? interview for Brit + Co


Recently, Real Housewives alum Brandi Glanville mentioned that she went out with her Uber driver, who was “French and very cute.” But asking out someone who is trapped in a confined space with you and may or may not have your home address can be a tricky situation. Dating expert and author […]

Is it Love at First Sight? Or something else?

Immediate attraction (love at first sight) is a powerful, magnetic force. Is it a sign? Or, could this impulse be deeper than first impressions? Here’s how to tell if what you’re feeling is good for you.

The ChatterBox with Ellen Hedger; radio interview

Susan and radio host Ellen Hedger discuss modern dating, older women/younger men, and allowing our magnificence to shine forth.

The definition of Love
Are older women/younger men gaining greater acceptance
Is attraction only skin deep?
What’s the best advice for anyone dating today?
What’s the architecture of life, and how can we use it to assist us?

Hookup now. Talk later? Why this never works.

If we don’t tell a new partner what we want before sex, it’s even more difficult to state after sex. Speaking your truth sets a foundation for partnership and eliminates unnecessary heartache, later.

New relationship? The one question you MUST ask.

Are you wondering what your new partner wants and needs, but fear asking? What if you look weak or needy? Here are two methods that empower you, while opening the door to the answers you seek.

How do we know if we’re settling?

What if we don’t know that we’re asking for too little in a mate? Here’s how Life will guide us toward making a change and choosing a better partner for love.


The Top Online Dating Gurus Catered to NYC; Ohlala feature

By Alice Bardos

Often times, New Yorkers find themselves in a romance rut, despite being on the right track career-wise and financially. It’s kind of the thing we like to think about the least because it can seem more volatile than the stock exchange. To help get the ball rolling, Ohlala has compiled a list […]

‘Single by choice?’ The benefits of choosing YOU

‘Single by choice’ is a rewarding transit that reconnects us to ourselves and better prepares us for lasting partnership. This powerful vehicle of growth is a valuable option taken by many individuals seeking greater clarity, and personal transformation.