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    Problems in the Bedroom | Susan Interviewed by Paul Thomas Bell

Problems in the Bedroom | Susan Interviewed by Paul Thomas Bell

A recent survey conducted by Author and Psychologist Dr. David Schnarch found that of almost 20,000 people asked, 36% of couples had desire problems almost all of the time and 25% just before sex. I recently caught up with ‘The Oprah Show’ and New York […]

UK TV Interview; ITN 5 News Tonight, 7/25/14 at 4pmGMT

I’m doing a TV interview in the UK on Friday, July 25th at 4pm GMT. ITN 5 News Tonight with Matt Barbet will be questioning me on my recent Feature article that gained international attention on the Huffington Post. It’s called, “ 9 Months. 98 Men. Here’s What I Learned.” 

The UK based magazine The Daily […]

The Daily Mail: Susan’s Article Review

Here’s the review of my original Feature article for The Huffington Post; 9 Months. 98 Men. Here’s What I Learned. While I love getting to love, often times the manner by which we imagine we need to present ourselves muddies the waters.
‘I went out with 98 men in nine months – and none of […]

Dates & Mates: Susan’s Radio Interview


Here’s an interview about modern dating, and age-varied relationships where the woman is older than her partner. Damona Hoffman of Dates & Mates has a wonderful show out of LA. You’ll get a love of great advice on navigating your way through the often times confusing world of modern dating.

Damona has a free gift […]

9 Months. 98 Men. Here’s What I Learned

Feature Article: The Huffington Post by Susan Winter

I hate dating. There. I’ve said it. Let’s be clear about the mechanics of this concept. Dating is only a flirtatious first sniff of what may later be mounted. No more, no less. And like the unwilling sled dog harnessed in line, my soul squirms at the […]

Before You Date, Create Your Vision

Before stepping out into the world of dating, you’ll need to create your vision. You may have just left a disastrous partnership. Or, you may be in the process of getting clear on what you want in light of your past dating experiences.

Whatever your starting point, it’s a good idea is to formulate a […]

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    Susan’s Interview with Intersections Match; Allowing Magnificence

Susan’s Interview with Intersections Match; Allowing Magnificence

Here’s a fantastic interview by host Jasbina Ahluwalia, one of the top finalist’s in OPRAH’S Search For the Next TV Star.

You can listen live on the following link:
Blog Talk Radio Link: Internet Live stream & archive

- http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jasbina/2014/03/24/allowing-magnificence–living-the-expanded-version-of-your-life–susan-winter

Please check out this dynamic interview with Jasbina from Intersections Match as recorded on BlogTalk Radio. We discuss how to access […]

Confessions of a Lazy Lover

Featured in The Huffington Post, by Susan Winter

I must make this admission: I’m lazy lover. I apply no energy whatsoever to creating a love life. Why any man would seek my company at this juncture in my life is a complete mystery to me. I lack all desire to be receptive to a man’s […]

Which “You” Shows Up On The First Date?

By Susan Winter for UK based Singles Warehouse

Dating begins with the presentation of “who we are.” Are you showing up as the “real you?” Or, are you presenting a different version of yourself in the hopes of impressing another?
Which “You” Shows Up on the First Date?
First dates provide an opportunity to create an impression […]

Why Smart Professionals Are Stupid Daters

Feature article in The Huffington Post, by Susan Winter

A successful venture capitalist can distinguish between a company of true merit and one of false flash, yet fail to see the same in the woman he’s dating. An accomplished businesswoman can walk into a job interview thinking, They’re crazy if they don’t hire me, yet wonder […]